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Thread: FAQ: AW Voluntary Subscriptions

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    FAQ: AW Voluntary Subscriptions

    The link for a voluntary subscription is here.

    The amounts are essentially arbitrary, because the form wanted me to enter suggested amounts. There should also be a place where you can enter your own number, larger or smaller.

    The voluntary subscription will not provide an ad-free experience.

    There's only one level of increased benefits, no matter how much you contribute; you get a bigger PM box, and you get a bigger avatar. Both of those benefits also will occur naturally, with greater time and post-count as a registered member, without contributing.

    It's never a recurring amount, although we do an automated email reminder a year later, in case you'd like to contribute again--but you're not signing up for a monthly bill or deduction.

    The benefits never expire, whether you re-subscribe or not.

    Your subscription is fully refundable upon request, for any reason whatsoever.

    What does your subscription get you? No matter how much you contribute, you get the warm and fuzzy satisfaction of knowing you helped keep this place on the web, for the benefit of writers everywhere.
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