Greetings :-),

A fairly specific question for the gun experts out there :-).

If a character carried a custom 1911-style pistol in .460 Rowland as thier primary firearm, but wanted to carry an alternate ammo option for lower penetration scenarios, could they down load the cartridges to lower power and retain reliable function? The idea would be to carry the lighter rounds (probably hollowpoints in the general .45ACP+P range) as the "duty" load and a couple of spare magazines loaded to full power with heavy, hard bullets for longer range/higher penetration scenarios (like vehicles).

It seems reasonable, since from what I've read the only part swapped out to convert from Rowland to ACP is the barrel (thus the springs, etc would be the same) and shorter rounds apparantly don't cycle well in the conversion barrel. However, I have little hands-on shooting experiance and want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

I am not asking if this would be a smart thing to do or whether or not I should be worrying about realism in this situation, so please do not answer those questions ;-).

Thanks :-),