Hello boys and girls,
I am a writer whose first language sadly isn't English. Now I am tackling my first big WIP in English and would love to have somebody to... dive right in and not give up on me too quickly. My spelling, word using and grammar are not perfect yet, but I will learn from my mistakes. If I don’t, kicking my ass is always a good option. I could offer help with characters, fuzzy plot lines, and other things along these lines. I might be no big help with spelling, but be it questions of setting or something you are not quite sure of, I will try my very best to help.

What I need:

  • Spelling, grammar and word usage checks
  • Probably also explaining major mistakes in language, as I will try to not make them again
  • General impression of the things written
  • Characters and atmosphere
  • A buddy with nerves made of steel^^

What I can offer:

  • General impressions on written material
  • Checking on German material (if needed^^)
  • Knowledge on Japanese Life, Shintô and Buddhism, and what I do not know, I can get my hands on rather fast
  • Characters and tricky plot holes (I usually dive right in and find something inside to fill them with)
  • Nerves made of steel

My WIP is an Mystery/Thriller/Suspicion piece with the following little summary:

A girl, the MC, is picked up by a guy named Aoi. He takes her all over the world and shows her quite a bit of life. Fancy places, nature, people. She soon realizes he does this not just for her sake, but to help himself out of a hole of self-pity and depression. He seemed to do this as a kind of recover cycle. He finds some young, naïve girl or boy and feeds of their excitement, as they travel the world together.

Because this hardly goes unnoticed and drags attention of all the wrong type of guys, said “companion” will sooner or later wind up dead or at least loses his or her innocent look of the world. When this happens, he finds a new one.

She now is his newest companion and struggles with all the same problems. There seems to be a reason for Aoi’s Lone Wolf status, for he wants to protect something from intruders at any cost. But she is, as far as they both are concerned, not quite as naïve or innocent as his former sidekicks. This might be just what he needed, after all.