Wait! There's more! Publishers that are also book doctors? Not a good combination.

Do you need, or would you like, to have your book reviewed? Not having much luck getting them on your own? We understand.

So do the "big" reviewers, like Kirkus and ForeWord. They've both added "commissioned reviews" yet with them, you will be paying from $299-$349 and have to wait 8-12 weeks to get your review! OUCH!

TICO Publishing is now offering a full review service. There are two "levels" to choose from:

Our review service is simple

Level 1: For $29.95, we'll deliver a 200-500 word full-length review to you within 7 days - 14 days (depending on the length of the manuscript and backlog of submitted work).

Level 2: For only $39.95, we include everything from Level 1, EXCEPT as an ADDED feature, not only will we review your work, but it will be professionally edited and come back to you in a PDF laced with comments and suggestions.