I've received a few questions lately from AW writers with answers that might help the general community. Feel free to add any questions to the thread and I'll be happy to answer them.

As background, I am the newest agent with Veritas Literary. My background is as both a writer and several years as a freelance editor/book doctor. I have been working with our head agent, Katie Boyle on existing clients and gradually transitioning to co-agenting and am now actively building my list.

Q: Your web site doesn't list list YA, but you indicated interest on a thread. Can I query you with my YA?

A: Our web site is out of date and meant for the general agency rather than individual agents. We have a number of YA authors, including one that was recently signed based on a writer I met on AW. I am open to most anything except romance and erotica, largely because I don't know anything about those genres.

Q: Do you troll (in the fishing sense) AW for new writers?

A: Yes, regularly. We signed the aforementioned AW writer based on a query I saw on SYW. The novel came, it was wonderful, we offered and the book will go on submission in January. I have made several other requests based on queries I've seen on AW and just offered to my second AW writer. She's waiting to hear back on a couple of fulls, but I'm optimistic based on our conversation.

Q: Is there anything you'd particularly like to see?

A: More non-fiction. In fiction, I'd love to have a commercial, upmarket writer like Alan Furst who writes in some other historical setting. If you have a real vampire novel (you know, the deadly blood-sucking kind who need to be staked), please query. I'm always looking for lucid writing and good old fashioned storytelling.

Q: Query or query + pages? Synopsis?

A: Query + first five pages. No synopsis. They make me break out in hives.

One other thing. Don't email asking if you can query with this or that. Just query. If it's not what I'm looking for I'll reject it, but I don't have a lot of time for back and forth about specific projects. Until I'm interested. And then I have lots of time.