The guys that run the whacky web-bot project have tackled the long held logical buttress that is Occam's Razor. I think I agree with Clif High here, actually:

So the point of this missive is that Occam's razor is bogus and can easily be demonstrated by merely examining the context of universe and the language of expressions of Occam's razor. First note that universe is ANYTHING other than simple. In fact, complexity rules. Universe, if it ever was simple, instantly headed in the direction of the nearby hills of Complexity at breakneck speed and never looked back.

Complexity of systems and the total horror of complexity begetting increasing complexity is one of the primary fear triggers for the inner reptile as it demands, as part of the whole fear complex, that 'order' exist, 'in order that' (note the language we use when discussing it even), the 'safety' of the inner reptilian mind may be guaranteed. We note in passing that the fear aggregate is desperately seeking 'simple', as in its limited view of reality, 'simple' both exists, and implies the ability to 'control'. What does the inner reptile desperate try to control? Well....manifesting circumstances in universe (thus the big hoopdedo about the 'secret' and 'law of attraction' are yet other examples of traps for the inner reptile spun by TPTB) for one, and of course *any* control of manifesting circumstances in universe implies 'safety' for the inner reptile. And all this is dependent on a view of universe that has at its core the idea of simplicity.

He writes in a whacky style, heavy with his linquistic theories, but his point is sound.

What say you?