I am publishing my book through CreateSpace, and I am presently waiting on my 2nd proof from them. It has been a great experience thusfar and I can't say enough good things about CreateSpace. However, with my book being only a couple weeks away from being ready for publication, I amhaving serious reservations about my cover.

Due to lack of discretionary income, I am using one of the CreateSpace cover templates. I changed the default color and text on the template to try to keep my book from looking like a zillion others. I took the cover photograph myself. Now, after looking at the first proof copy, I am not happy with the cover and I am considering deep sixing it. It looks hokey and amatuerish, in my opinion. My wife says it looks fine, but she is a little biased.

I can't spent a fortune on a graphic designer, but I am convinced that I need a better cover. Does any one know anything about the cover templates on Selfpublishing.com? Are they any better than the ones on CreateSpace? Are there any other options for a cash-strapped author?