I was wondering if writers would be interested in contributing any articles or research you've done in the past -- to a website I’m developing. It's called “BrainTree” and will be located on the web at www.thebraintree.com, starting Jan 2011.

When functional, it will basically be an internet-based, fee-based, "knowledge market"

(I was told I needed to seed the site with answers and questions before going live.) Anything you've done in school or recreationally or anywhere that you have the copyrights to would be great. If you also want to include the question that the document serves to answer, that would be wonderful. I will give you credit -- and list your name and similar promotional type info you want to include with the article/research.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at [email protected], or (919) 593-6279.

Thank you.


Tom Castelloe