Two days ago, I picked up a copy of Hunger Games from the grocery store. With all the hype and considering the fact that I write YA, like everyone else here, I figure it was about time I caught up with the craze. (Especially since the trilogy is complete because I cannot stand waiting for the next book of any series whether it's Harry Potter or Twilight.)

Within the first chapter, I wanted to put the book down and never finish it, but I kept with it until the bitter end although I was screaming aloud with distaste nearly every chapter.

So now I come here to discuss the points that I disliked with all of you. And by discuss, I mean discuss...not argue and Twi-out.

1. Cliffhanger Chapters

At the end of nearly every chapter, if not all, there is a cliffhanger that begs you to begin the next chapter. It's a clever way to get people to continue reading and become "hooked" on the plot, yet at the same time, I feel as though it is a cop out. In my mind, I liken it to an M.Night Shyamalan style tactic which grows old and groan worthy over time.

2. Telling vs. Showing

For example, the scene where Katniss is repeating Not me, not me over and over again until it is revealed that it is her sister who was chosen. Wouldn't it have been more effective to build the tension with Katniss describing her feelings and then letting the person who drew the name reveal the contestant themselves? That's just one example where I found many within the a flashback every time Katniss wants to describe to you, yet again, that her dad died in the mines.

3. Katniss

She has been described as a strong female character, but in my mind she has a strong tendency to be easily comparable to the dreaded Bella Swan. Instead of a knack for housekeeping and a worn copy of Wuthering Heights, she has a bow. Aside from selflessly taking the place of her sister in the Hunger Games, she rarely makes a decision. When it comes to establishing her as a contender in the Games, she falls prey to the innocent, babbling girl routine who only becomes important in the eyes of the audience when a boy declares his love for her. Said boy is then used repeatedly to gain favor from sponsors while she's in the game...she uses her sexual prowess and is rewarded accordingly. When the games are over, she drops him like a bad habit (Yes,'ve just been Jacobed). Also, she's got the "I didn't know every boy loved me" routine down pat. To make her achieve some sort of sainthood, she never actually killed anyone outright in order to survive the game. It's as though she's just accidentally thrown around by circumstance until she inadvertantly kills someone(s), kills someone who is harming a friend, and kills someone out of mercy.

4. Rue Saga

Katniss barely knew Rue. They worked together for about 24 hours. Yes, Rue reminded her of her sister. However, I feel as though Rue was introduced as an ally for the sole purpose of killing her off to drive the plot. I didn't care when she died.

These are only a small handful of the problems I had with the book, but I feel the need to discuss them with the rest of you writerly folk. So...discuss.