Yes, it is indeed an awkward situation. As I'm now under contract for a 3 novel series to Transworld and about to sign a 3 book YA contract with Random House Children's books, I simply could not stay on as Executive Editor of Embrace Books. I gave my resignation privately some time ago, then waited for a replacement to be found, as there were books in the pipeline for this autumn and I knew a smooth transition would be an issue for those authors.

Unfortunately, time passed and no replacement was found. I then had no option but to formally resign with no transition in place.

At that point, Salt (the owner) decided that it would close the imprint rather than sell it. All rights were immediately reverted - some of the books have already been published elsewhere, only a few weeks later - and although I have offered support to any stranded or upset authors, I can't do much more than give personal advice, as I no longer work for Salt and am no longer connected to them in any way.

As far as I am aware, there was no formal announcement by Salt about any of this.

The imprint was doing okay, though not selling as fast as we'd have hoped after its first six months. However, one launch title sold over 1000 copies in our first quarter of trading. So I'm unable to explain why it had to close, except that possibly they were unable to find a replacement who would work under the same terms as I did, and have no one else experienced in editing popular fiction on their staff.

Very sad business. But all rights have been smartly reverted and, as far as I know, all royalties due should have been paid by now.

Please bear in mind that I am no longer with Salt Publishing, and take all this information as potentially out of date. One of the authors might be better placed to comment.