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Thread: What age would someone know they're gay?

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    What age would someone know they're gay?

    Hi all. I’ve had a bit of a look around and I just have a question to ask:

    When did you know? I mean with absolute certainty that you were QLTBAG? I have a main character in my book, and I’m not quite sure how old he is: when I first write a draft it’s largely unnecessary for me to know the age of the character until he starts interacting with others. I do know that he’s of welsh heritage, I do know things about his personality, and I know that he’s gay.

    I need to figure out how old he is. He grew up in an open community, but that community is part of the wider world, so it’s not totally impervious to stereotypes and the idea (totally wrong, imo) that some relationships are valued more.

    But if he has a family that understands, and the community he operates in is fairly open, how old do you think before he would know and be able to accept his sexuality as part of his identity with little or no qualms?

    If there’s anything wrong with this post, I will be more than happy to edit it out. I just need to figure out an answer, is all, and this seemed a place full of informative and well spoken people who might be able to help. If there’s any sort of other thread about this that I’ve missed, point me in that direction, and I’ll leave you in peace.

    Thank you kindly,

    Sian ~
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