Hi Everyone,
My name is Roy and I'm just new here on AW. Having browsed around now for several days, I'd like to complement so many friendly and constructive members. Feels encouraging just to have such thoughtful and considerate virtual company in the forums.

My question concerns prep for the proposal on a self-help book on career transitions. Part of the book's angle is how it will re-interpret an old cultural and hollywood cliche about starting over. Please pardon my shyness as that description is only in the neighborhood of my actual target. So finally, may I ask for any tips or suggestions about how one starts to compile a 'reasonably" comprehensive list of references to a particular cliche/saying/bromide, etc. Something like LexisNexis occurred to me. Also just googling in various concentrated areas like news stories, books, and movie scripts. Anyone got a shortcut or words of wisdom?

Some background: This would be my first book. I am in mid-fifties, fairly literate but worked mostly in technical areas previously (Silicon Valley).