I wrote this on my blog, and am still curious what others might think (Care to comment?):

Todd Newton posted an interesting piece about why he encourages everyone to review his book the Ninth Avatar, whether they liked it or not. Check it out here: http://initialdraft.blogspot.com/201...f-reviews.html

I find this interesting because it conflicts with my opinion. I was of the feeling that I shouldn't bother to write a review for a book I disliked because it was of a negative aspect and I wanted to focus on the positive. Problem is that there is some disingenuity to that. And I want to be honest. Obviously everything I write is my opinion though. So if I dislike a book, it does not mean that another will find it the same way. In fact I will point out a particularly well watched and reviewed movie: Batman Begins. I could not get into this movie. I have my reasons why I didn't conform with the masses, but I loved the Dark Knight. Absolutely.

A lot of it has to do with our expectations and prior experiences. I've heard of a lot of anger from X-Men comic fans regarding the X-Men movies, but I liked each one. Why? I had little expectation going in. I read some X-Men story lines when I was a kid, but I never collected them. (Simple fact for any person offended by that is I didn't like coming in late to such a large series—I felt lost as to how to approach it.)

The reverse is probably true if you have the background necessary to enjoy a certain piece, whereas a layperson does not.

So I am considering reviewing about books I did not like. Not to dismiss the author, or garner visits from those interested in controversy, but because I like to discuss books. How they work, and...how they don't.

So how do you approach reviews? What is your opinion on the matter?