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Thread: WL Poets Agency / The Poets Literary Agency

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    WL Poets Agency / The Poets Literary Agency

    Latest scam agency in the Literary Agency Group scam.

    Other scam agencies in this scam group are

    The New York Literary Agency
    The Christian Literary Agency
    The Children's Literary Agency
    Stylus Literary Agency
    The Screenplay Agency

    They were all originally ST Literary Agency. Before that, they were Sydra Techniques.

    This is a group out of Boca Raton, Florida (the mailing address in New York City -- 275 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor -- is part of the scam -- that's a mail drop). They're owned by Robert M. Fletcher, an adjudged scammer (securities fraud in the state of Washington.)

    The Poet's Agency has never in their lives sold a literary property to a commercial publisher.

    This agency is an utter fraud.

    What will Poet's Literary Agency do for you? They'll betray, bluff, burn, cheat, chisel, con, deceive, delude, diddle, double-cross, dupe, entice, exploit, finesse, flimflam, gyp, have, hoodwink, impose on, jockey, juggle, lure, manipulate, mislead, play, rook, rope in, scam, screw, seduce, shave, snow, stick, string along, suck in, take, take in, and trick you.

    What they won't do is sell your work to a commercial publisher. They've been in business for seven years and they haven't managed yet.

    I'm going to look at one little thing from their website at

    We do not charge reading fees or any other type of fee. We get paid when you get paid.
    This is pure BS. They'll charge plenty. They'll send you from one place to another, expecting you to pay a fee each time you land, all of them (the independent evaluations, the professional editors, and so on) owned and operated by Robert Fletcher. If you leave your checkbook in your pocket Fletcher will drop you faster than you can say "criminal conspiracy."

    Our Successes We and our sister agencies have successfully negotiated contracts for a number of titles to date .
    Name them, Bobby. Go ahead and name your successes. Title, author, date. What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

    I'll leave you with this bit:

    But it’s unlikely that any great poet ever scribbled off a memorable poem in a single afternoon. The brain just doesn’t work that way.

    "Kubla Khan," by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

    Bobby's just proved out of his own mouth that he's not very familiar with poetry.

    Fletcher doesn't have the contacts, he doesn't know the people, he doesn't have the background or training, and he's located in Boca Raton, Florida.

    Stay away.
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