Please note that I'm using fake names:

Mrs. Connors, my seventh-grade Social Studies teacher. She was a petite brunette woman, maybe 30 years old, with a northeastern (Boston?) accent and an extremely loud voice. Incredibly energetic and charismatic, a tough but even-handed disciplinarian, and an inspiring classroom instructor. Also: I was too young to fully appreciate her at the time, but as I made it through my teen years and into young adulthood I realized that she was my "type" (Except for the extremely loud voice).

Mrs. King, my community college political science instructor. She was twenty-something, straight out of a master's program, and ready to do her very best. If there's such thing as a "political science geek", Mrs. King was the prototype. No rules or regulations -- just show up in class if you weren't too busy, and she would explain the basics of American Government to all who would listen. Not surprisingly, there were very few student absences in her classes. Great teacher, great person.

Mr. Williams. This guy was getting close to retirement when I took his American Literature course at the local community college. Brilliant, athletic, well-dressed, a respected pillar of the community...abrasive, egotistical, petty, always eager to embarass and humiliate students who didn't do the assigned homework...Mr.Williams contained multitudes. Definitely the most effective lecturer I've ever seen, anywhere.