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Thread: Celebrating National Days all over the World

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    Celebrating National Days all over the World



    1st - Haiti (Independence Day)
    26th - Australia (Australia Day)
    26th - India (Republic Day)
    26th - Uganda (NRM Anniversary Day)


    6th - New Zealand (Waitangi Day)
    23nd - Guyana (Republic Day)


    1st - Wales (St. David's Day)
    17th - Ireland (St. Patrick's Day)
    25th - Greece (Day of Revolution Against the Ottoman Empire)


    19th - Venezuela (Independence Day)
    23rd - England (St. George's Day)
    25th - Australia (Anzac Day)
    25th - New Zealand (Anzac Day)
    25th - Portugal (Freedom Day)
    27th - South Africa (Freedom Day)
    30th - The Netherlands (Queen's Birthday)


    3rd - Poland (Constitution Day)
    4th - The Netherlands (Remembrance Day)
    5th - The Netherlands (Liberation Day)
    8th - Czech Republic (Liberation Day - end of the Prague Uprising)
    17th - Norway (Constitution Day)
    18th - Haiti (Flag Day)
    3rd Monday - Canada (Victoria Day)
    25th - Argentina (Day of the Homeland/Day of the Revolution)
    25th - Jordan (Independence Day)
    26th - Guyana (Independence Day)


    3rd - Uganda (Ugandan Martyr's Day)
    5th - Denmark (National Day)
    6th - Sweden (Nation Day)
    9th - Uganda (Hero's Day)
    20th - Argentina (Flag Day)
    24th - Venezuela (Birth of Simón Bolívar)
    25th - Sweden (Midsummer Solstice)


    1st - Canada (Canada Day)
    1st - Hong Kong (Day of Joyful Reunification with the Glorious Motherland)
    4th - USA (Independence Day)
    5th - Czech Republic (Sts. Cyril and Methodius Day)
    5th - Venezuela (Independence Declaration)
    6th - Czech Republic (Jan Hus Day)
    9th - Argentina (Independence Day)
    14th - France (Bastille Day)
    20th - Colombia (Independence Day)
    23rd - Egypt (National Day)
    23rd - Oman (National Day)
    24th - Venezuela (Battle of Carabobo)


    14th - Pakistan (Independence Day)
    15th - India (Independence day)
    17th - Indonesia
    20th - Hungary (St. Stephen's Day)
    31st - Malaysia (Independence Day)


    7th - Brazil (Independence Day)
    16th - Malaysia (Malaysia Day)
    18th - Chile (Independence Day)
    28th - Czech Republic (St. Wenceslas Day - Czech Statehood Day)


    1st - China + Hong Kong (National Day)
    1st - Nigeria (Independence Day)
    3rd - Germany (Day of German Unity)
    5th - Portugal (Republic Day)
    9th - Uganda (Independence Day)
    17th - Oman (Omani Woman's Day)
    28th - Czech Republic (Independent Czechoslovak State Day)
    28th - Greece (Day of OXI)


    11th - Canada (Remembrance Day)
    11th - Poland (Independence Day)
    15th - Brazil (Proclamation of the Republic)
    17th - Czech Republic (Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day)
    18th - Haiti (Battle of Vertičres)
    18th - Oman (National Day)
    30th - Scotland (St. Andrew's Day)


    1st - Romania (National Day)
    6th - Finland (Independence Day)
    16th - South Africa (Reconciliation Day)
    17th - Venezuela (Death of Simón Bolívar)
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