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Thread: What's the biggest editorial mistake you've seen?

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    What's the biggest editorial mistake you've seen?

    I've seen numerous typos in print over the years--they're fun to stumble across in a weird sort of way, kinda like finding an Easter egg in July--but I found a big mistake in the book I was reading last night:

    --It was a NYT #1 best-selling author (75 novels, multiple genres)
    --The mistake: a character was described 30 pages in as having "near-black hair," blue eyes, and a Mediterranean skin tone, and then about 30 pages later, she was red-headed with hazel eyes and freckles.
    --She looked "just like her father" in both instances, and he is a character in the book also (haven't gotten to his description yet).

    Any one else read come across mistakes like this recently in their reading?

    ETA: Just visited this author's website. She actually has pictures of all the characters in her books. Apparently the red hair won out.
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