that my good friend's book is finally being published. Despite all the terrible things we heard far and wide across the Internets, he decided to accept a contract with AEG and Strategic Book Mark. It's a steal - only $995 for the first copy! I think he went ahead and paid them cash so they would throw in the book signing tour and the 'Grande', which is their all out advertising campaign.

Now I know what you're thinking "They said the same thing to us!" "It'll never work!" Well, my friends - this is no ordinary book. My friend is well read, having sampled many of Stephen Hawkins' works. He will take what he's learned from this and other disciplines, then compare and contrast what the Bible has to say about such theories, also including Einstein's Theory of Relativity and The Big Bang. Truly a fascinating read. Also included are what we believe to be factual evidence that Christ walked with dinosaurs, an expose' on the seedier profit-driven side of science, and finally the one true way to Salvation. You will not be able to put this puppy down. And at only 272 pages, you'll be able to read through it in a single night. Once he lets me know the title and cover art, I'll post that too!