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Thread: How do you feel about fees? (and super long waits)

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    How do you feel about fees? (and super long waits)

    I know when it comes to looking for an agent reading fees are unacceptable.

    What's you take on short story reading/processing/admin fees? The weird things is, it seems that unlike with agents, it seems that completely reputable pubs do it. (glimmer train and ... well I was going to say American Short Fiction until i looked them up on duotrope and saw they were DNQ, but GT wasn't.)

    anyway. most contests seem to have fees. some pubs. between waiting months for a single story at a pub that doesn't accept simultaneous subs and paying fees at another, it seems like a lot of concessions just for a chance...

    just wondering what some of you have on your list of won'ts? or things that are just business as usual.

    ETA: Though it's like the 8th time I've read them, I now see the Glimmer Train reading guideline are not what they exclusively Fee based.
    We're happy to consider stories whether they're submitted as competition entries or standard submissions, for which there are no reading fees.

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