Title: Pete and Devin
Author(s): Kevin Fuss
Publication Date: November 2009
Publisher: Author House
Format: paperback, ebook
ISBN: 9781449027568 (paperback), 9781449027575 (ebook)
Price: $12.00

Logline: (one-paragraph description): After the death of his beloved grandmother Jessica, Pete Wilkins sunk into the depths of teenage depression. Though his mother's denial prevented her from noticing her son's changes, Pete's little brother, Devin, saw everything. And it scared him. But an unexpected discovery at their new house in Chicago provided Devin a glimmer of hope that the brother he was so close with could find his way back from the edge. When words from the past combined with events of the present, the brothers embark on an adventure of discovery and prove the benevolence of the human spirit.

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