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Thread: Need help for writing a proposal and how much to charge

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    Need help for writing a proposal and how much to charge

    Okay, I need help. I'm so out of my league.

    I've just received a call from the University professor that I do research work for and editing. He and a business associate want to take all the literature and teaching materials from 15 years and have me condense it into a book for them. Neither has time to do the writing and they asked me to do it.

    I asked if they want a ghost writer and they said no, they want to pay me to write it and give me credit by listing them first and me as "with".

    I have no idea how much to charge...what I should be thinking in terms of royalties. I have no idea what sort of proposal to come up with.

    They are offering a down payment for the work but don't know what I'd want and then I need a schedule for the work.

    I think I need a query process to find out exactly what they are wanting the book to be.

    Okay so someone help me. I can't think. I'm too excited.
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