This is a quick tutorial for setting up another language on your keyboard, so that you can participate in this sub-forum without messing with a character map, or sacrificing critical non-English characters.

Step One: Click on the Start Button on your Start Bar.

Step Two: Click Control Panel

Step Three: In Windows 7, click the Clock, Language, and Region link. In older versions, you'll find a Language and Region icon.

Step Four: In the Region and Language window, select the Keyboards and Languages tab.

Step Five: There should be a button labeled "Change Keyboards." Click this. We're going to make it so that you can switch your keyboard between several languages with a simple key-stroke. This will allow you to quickly switch between several languages.

Step Six: The next window will have a large white space that probably says "English (United States)" or "English (United Kingdoms)." Find the box to its right that says "Add." Clicky clicky.

Step Seven: You are now presented with a vast array of languages. Select whichever one you'd like to type in. (If it isn't present, a google search for "Windows (your version) (language name) Language Pack" will probably lead you in the right direction.) Once you've added the languages you want, go the Advanced Key Settings tab on the previous window.

Step Eight: In the white window, under "Action," find and select "Between Input Languages" and select "Change Key Sequence." A dialogue box will appear, offering you several hot-key options. I personally use Shift + Left Alt.


Switching languages inside an MS Word document will also change MS Word's default dictionary, allowing spell check to underline individual words, rather than your entire friggen Spanish short-story. X_X