This may be so basic that it's laughable -- but please HELP and then laugh!?

I had Final Draft 5 ... got vista OP and FD5 stopped working.

Do I bought the hard disc upgrade to final Draft 8, have it installed.

the script page window seems stuck SIDEWAYS. I type and the tabs seem to work, but the right hand margin wordwraps about halfway where it should!

When I print what I've typed, it prints sideways on the printer sheet of paper.

Literally, sideways across the long axis. It wordwraps to the next line down after I type the 45th character!

I've tried re-setting the right margin. No good.

I tell it to use the "screenplay" templates but all misbehave the same.

Also, in FD 5, the "window/page" I'm typing in filled almost my whole screen.

Now it looks the size of a small white index card, though it claims to be five inches across. The "ruler" won't show more than 5 inches across, at different magnifications.

If anyone can help me, I'd be hugely grateful! I know sometimes settings go out of whack, and the fix is obvious (except to the software newbie!)