I thought I had this worked out in my mind...but now I'm second guessing myself. I posted my query in share your work looking for some help and someone asked me if the work was truly romance or women's fiction...

I thought it was romance but maybe how I'm writing the query makes it sound different. Essentially though, if you strip out the romance, the book is dead and in the end, the MC's end up together...that's the goal of the book.

Here's the quick and dirty version: Woman leaves physically abusive relationship, finds a job in another state (far away so boyfriend can't track her down), falls for a married man (obvious mutual attraction), his wife is a junkie and a cheater...is killed in a car crash, MC's hook up for a night, it's too soon for him they fight the attraction, ex-boyfriend finds her, shoots new man, but she ends up killing him, they eventually end up together. The end.

Wow, sounds kind of cliche like that! lol I promise it's better than that, really.

This is a romance though, right? Not women's fiction because of the fact that a fair amount of the book focus's on her getting her life together.

Thanks in advance!!