Raises hand. When I spoke out in November a group of authors went on a public tirade against me. They called for shunning me to the extent that their readers should pass on and boycott my books. I didn't see but a couple before the posts were removed from Facebook and blog sites. I was informed of the existence. I can quote some of the wonderfully colorful things authors said about me in public and I can name names. But I haven't because it serves no purpose. The fact is, we are being paid 10% of 2012 third quarter royalties on a monthly basis until such time as he is caught up. No mention of fourth quarter royalties and when if ever those monies will ever be seen. He has had months to fix this mess. He does not seem interested in fixing, only continuing on as if nothing happened and there are no consequences. Because to him there have been no consequences. He has no intention of letting anyone else into those books, because then it be revealed just how much he has misappropriated. If you're looking to boycott any authors start with Leiland Dale, the pen name of the owner of Silver Publishing. All of the rest of us are victims.