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Thread: Silver Publishing

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    Madmumbler, just to address the points you've mentioned.

    Distribution sales are only paid when we receive them. I'm assuming the authors that might have contacted you would most probably be referring to distribution sales for places like Amazon, who pay 60 to 90 days AFTER the end of the month of the sale. Thus they are only paid over when we receive payment for them. Some distributors pay 45 days after the end of the quarter, which would mean the payment falls into the following quarter and sales will only reflect in the following quarter.

    If these authors are missing book sales, they should be able to monitor it via their author log in which all our authors have access to and contact us if they see that there might be a problem so it can be sorted out immediately.

    In the past 6 to 8 months we've experienced extreme growth and due to this we've had to make internal changes to our admin department as well as the normal hiccups that occur which in turn has delayed payment up to 10 days the past two quarters. We've overcome these hurdles and the changes made in the process rectifies this issue.

    As you've said, you're not affiliated with Silver Publishing so you wouldn't be aware that any issues or concerns are discussed in our private author forum which all authors have access to thereby keeping them up to date on what's happening, when and where. Our authors are always welcome to post about concerns or ask questions. Even directly to the publisher.

    At no point in time has any of our authors or editors never been paid royalties unless there was nothing to pay over. If an editor or an author has not been paid for something there is obviously a problem somewhere in the system that needs to be brought to our attention. Again, an email directly to the publisher would sort this out ASAP.

    Silver Publishing isn't, nor have we ever been, in any financial problems. From my point of view, what most do not take into consideration is the fact that most publisher have a 400% growth in a period of 3 to 5 years. We've achieved that in 6 to 8 months. This has caused quite a bit of hiccups in the general process but it has all been things that have been sorted out. It is completed expected that hiccups can occur.

    Feel free to have the people that have contacted you, to email the publisher and address their issues so that any problems and concerns can be sorted out. Without these concerns being voiced to the publisher, they cannot be rectified in a timely fashion.
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