Thanks, Victoria. Unfortunately, I agree with everything you said. Also, unfortunately, I have little choice but to retain Team Doubleclick because others have shown little or no interest in my writings. I don't know if the queries for the books I've written do not properly sell the ideas (and I've tweaked them several times), if the ideas are unmarketable, or if I'm just not a very good writer. But you can't help but lose some confidence after receiving the number of rejections I've gotten. Team Doubleclick is the only reputable agency which believed in me, so I plan to see it through with them with the book that is agented ("Don't go Bettin' the Wrong Horse"). The followup book I'm still trying to peddle.

Now that I mention it, I just received an e-mail from Carol Adler of Dandelion Publishing asking me to send them the entire manuscript of the followup book ("Green Asylum"), just moments after my sending an e-mail query. A little strange, to me. Know anything about Dandelion?

Thanks for your input,
Sir S.