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Thread: Calling All Writers! A Relief Project?

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    Calling All Writers! A Relief Project?

    UPDATE: If you're looking for the submission guidelines, they're here:


    So I was thinking about what we could do, as a group, to help with the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims.

    I thought about Uncle Jim and how he's raised a few hundred dollars for the SFWA's medical emergency funds with Atlanta Nights, and thought-- hey-- we could do something similar, but with actual good writing.

    The thought is:

    An anthology, which we can release through Lulu at no cost.

    We donate 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross.

    Open call-- anyone can participate. If we limit submissions to about 1000 words, then 50-75 writers could easily join in.

    Now, the theme...

    I've had a few thoughts on what the theme of the anthology could be. My first thought was humor, but then I thought, "Well, is that really appropriate, considering the book will be used for disaster relief?" My second thought was "Stories of Hope." Cheesy title, but a more appropriate theme. Could encompass personal stories of overcoming difficult odds, or inspirational messages in general. Third thought: flash fiction. Fourth thought: "What gives my life meaning."

    Anyone have better thoughts? This is not a "bookstore book"-- if we go through Lulu (and I think we should, to get it out quickly), it'll be sold primarily online, and we'd need people to link to it on their sites, blogs, etc. to draw attention to it.

    What we'd need, in addition to submissions:

    -One volunteer to put out the call for submissions on several sites.

    -Two-three editors to go through the submissions and do developmental editing

    -One-two copy editors

    -As many volunteers as possible to spread the word after the book is released.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
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