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Thread: One Body Press

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    One Body Press

    I am looking at a very new Christian publisher. They have only sold 1 title released June 1st which I do find on B& (listed as shipping within 24 hours) and on Amazon (listed as 'sold out' currently).

    They are a traditional publisher. No fees to their authors and they do pay royalties. They cover all costs of publication and distribution. They distribute through Ingram and are working on distribution through Baker & Taylor. They set up book signings and attempt to get the author's book reviewed by author's local newspaper.

    I know the biggest drawback of a new publisher is obviously the lack of a track record. Also, I can't find anything (pro or con) about them and they aren't listed on the Bewares board. Is there a benefit though to signing with a new publisher? Any advice would be appreciated!!
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