I have this really bizarre story idea that's been floating in my head for a few months now. Under normal circumstances, it would be considered a straightforward Urban Fantasy/paranormal romance: independent, capable woman pits herself against the supernatural, meets up with mysterious wizard with dark powers and great cheekbones, and sparks fly, at least when Death isn't waiting around every corner. You know, the usual.

HOWEVER! In my mind, the whole thing is set in the Victorian era -- I'm thinking Reconstruction Era Savannah, GA, with occasional forays to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas. Yes, I know, having a female protag in that time period is problematic; I am actually looking forward to that aspect, and have some good ideas on how to have some fun with making it work.

Obviously it doesn't qualify as contemporary fantasy, being set in the late 1860's. But does it qualify as Urban fantasy? Or is it just something weird? Has anybody read anything similar?

thoughts? criticisms?