So, I think I'm writing an urban fantasy.

I thought it was going to be a paranormal romance. Silly me.

After doing some research on the genre, I wondered if most urban fantasy fiction is in 1st person or you can get away with close 3rd with alternating POVs, corresponding with chapter breaks and/or scene changes.

I'd like to ask anyone who writes urban fantasy about the elements needed in their stories for it to be categorized as such. I was doing some studying and research into paranormal romance novels and carefully looking at the focus when I realised my paranormal romance is more of a sub-plot. My gut instinct told me something was wrong.

The setting/town is a character in itself. My female protagonist is tough and fights off the hero to begin with and nearly kills him. She isn't going to jump into bed with him at the drop of a hat, he has to work like the devil on her. But, that romantic element is there, threading through the story.

The high stakes are the end of their world, not the end of their romance. Although, the end of the romance comes a very close second.

There is more focus on action, violence and fantasy and I don't think this one's going to end in a HEA, but a Happy-for-Now. Which is how it should be because the heroine isn't easy to convince. She is not a doormat.

The romance doesn't propel the story, more the fantasy/paranormal/action elements move it forward. She is wary of him, carries weapons around to protect her and the black moment as such, is tied to parts of the romance, but more parts of the fantasy/world building. She will drop him like a hot coal if he abuses her trust, which he does and she risks their entire world.

Any help or insider's info would be greatly appreciated. I'm just writing my character's story, and found out it's not what I thought it was. Dontcha just luv it.

I'll peruse the threads on this board for more info. Thanks in advance.