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Thread: Brit Writers' Awards / Muslim Writers' Awards / America Writers' Awards

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    Brit Writers Area Co-ordinator Application:
    You will apply to Brit Writers by 12 noon BST, Thursday 17 November 2011 by sending your current CV and an expression of interest. This will be in the form of one page describing;
    a) how you would promote creative writing and support writers locally.
    b) why you should be selected for this opportunity. Sent to

    Alongside your application you will have sponsored 5 schools in your area at £100 per school
    (either now or at any point during the last 2 years). This will;
    a) show us that you are someone that is willing to invest in your community and that you are absolutely committed to our vision.
    b) help you get started as a coordinator in your area.

    I have never heard of anyone effectively requiring a £500 donation to be considered for a job before. It simply isn't done and it shouldn't be a requirement by any means. At the absolute minimum that £500 should be refunded in the event that any applicant is not allocated a role.

    Brit Writers Area Co-ordinator Application:
    Our schools team will then get in touch with the schools, tell
    them they have been sponsored by you and get them started on their Creative Writing Programme, so they can start benefitting straight away from our fantastic range of resources, project support, free entry to the Brit Writers’ Awards for all pupils, parents, staff,
    and much more.
    So schools can effectively be signed up and sent BW material without ever having signed up for themselves? How can that possibly be right?

    Brit Writers Area Co-ordinator Application:
    Interviews will take place week commencing 21 November 2011 (we will email and call you to arrange venue and time). International candidate interviews will be by Skype or telephone.

    I'm confused as I thought the schools scheme was aimed at UK schools, so I don't understand why there would be international candidates. Does this mean people currently overseas who will be returning to the UK?

    Brit Writers Area Co-ordinator Application:

    Your website will promote you, your work or company and Brit Writers services
    , encouraging locals to a) Enter the Brit Writers’ Awards b) Sign up local schools c) use Brit Writers Services for Writers.

    So companies can become area co-ordinators, using BW as a means of getting into schools and promoting both it and BW's activities?

    If I was a parent of a child using a site co-ordinated for BW by a private company or trading entity, I would want to have details on what the school is doing with material being provided to my child and who takes responsibility for that material - i.e. BW or the co-ordinator. At present there seem to be two companies who have taken up co-ordinator roles:

    - - Books@Press is the co-ordinator for Gloucestershire and itself provides RE services for schools;

    - Empowering Confidence Limited ( is a site that seems to be involved in phonics for the teaching of reading.

    Both seem to be perfectly legitimate companies and I make no criticism or cast any opinion on their involvement.

    Brit Writers Area Co-ordinator Application:

    You will earn between 10% - 50% of all income generated through your Brit Writers activities in your area
    10% of any entries to Brit Writers’ Awards from your area website,
    20% of all referrals to writing services (you retain 90% of all services you provide yourself if you are a qualified and experienced provider),
    50% of all Schools signed up and 75% for local businesses advertising on your website). Please remember, ALL special needs schools and those schools who cannot afford the annual fee must be

    allowed to become FREE members.

    To put this in perspective:

    - if a BW co-ordinator encourages you or your writing group to submit to the BW contest (at a fee of £10.95), then they should disclose to you that it's because they will get 10% of your entry fee, i.e. £1.09).

    - if a BW area co-ordinator comes to you and offers to sign up your school, then you should be aware that they will get 50% (i.e. £50 of that £100 registration fee).

    Regarding the 20% on all referrals to writing services, I'd want to know how that is calculated - i.e. is it 20% of the amount paid to that service by the writer or is there a set commission payment per referral of which they get 20%?

    The 90% retention on fees paid for services provided by the area co-ordinator suggests that BW gets 10% but I would definitely want that clarified. (It could be that BW gets nothing but this isn't clear because the advert is so badly drafted).

    I'd also want to clarify what that 75% on adverts for local businesses on the website means and what it's calculated against.

    Brit Writers Area Co-ordinator Application:
    A formal agreement will be issued after you have successfully completed your training. This
    agreement will be renewable annually.
    So you've paid £500 for the privilege of a one year position. It is entirely possible that you will not make that money back and if you make a financial success out of your area, it could potentially be the case that someone else takes the benefit of it in the next year.

    All in all, I see a lot about this that I strongly dislike and an awful lot of potential for it to operate in practice as a mill for BW's writers' contest and school sign up (notwithstanding the fact that special needs and low income schools don't need to pay a fee). By way of clarification - I don't have an issue with companies making a profit from offering creative writing services whether to schools or to the wider public but particularly in the case of schools where public money may well be at stake, I do think that there needs to be complete transparency as to what is being done in return for the fee and what benefits the service provider may obtain.

    All in all, I'm left with more questions than answers.

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