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    Update 8/8/11: Oh, my friends, it appears that my days of obsessive blog reading are about over. I just don't have time to keep up any more. I'm paring back to just a few, and I won't be updating this list any more. I'll take it off sticky when it gets dated. In the meantime, Guide to Literary Agents did their Best Blogs of 2011 a while ago. Check that out. /update

    Often when someone posts something I think "Hey, I just read a blog post about that!" And several times people have asked me for a list of blogs I read, so I thought I'd write them all out for you. Some of these links are straight to the blog, some are to their RSS feed. (You know about Google Reader, right?)

    This is a super-handy way to keep up with agents, genre news, get advice from superstar agents, editors, and other industry insiders. MTS as a genre is tougher than ever to break into. We need to keep ourselves informed, and this is one easy way to do it.

    Now I know I'm leaving some blogs out. There are a few that are too stridently political for my taste. I like my industry news straight, not flavored by any politics. That being said, if I'm missing a great blog (including yours), PM me, rep me, or leave a comment. It's possible I haven't seen it yet. I'll update from time to time. very own Mac. Faust, Bookends Agency blogs on industry stuff. Entertaining and enlightening. -Our very own MarkEsq with a fascinating look at the inner workings of the law, and thrillers! and Goderich Agency. Recently named one of Writer's Digest's Top Five Blogs. Recently revamped, this agency includes my Favorite Agent of All Time and is my personal favorite.

    http://editorialanonymous.blogspot.c.../posts/default-Children's book editor. Common-sense publishing advice. assistant. helpful in the agent search., Gams, and Gumshoes. A great blog for crime writers. crime-centered publishing/writing blog. Reid. Need I say more? great crime-centered blog. Publishing Demystified. Bransford of the Curtis Brown Agency. Super helpful blog. On WD's 5 best blogs. blogs on industry stuff from an insider's perspective in sales. Really good stuff to know. agent Kristin Nelson. Janet Reid shreds queries. If you're querying, or will be soon, go read this blog. querying and agent info. Gardner, super agent with good, common sense. She's best known for repping Christian material, but she reps other stuff as well. Great general industry and writing info. On WD's 5 best blogs. Kole. On WD's 5 best blogs. Geared toward kid's books, but good common sense.

    http://redlinesanddeadlines.blogspot.../posts/default-Editors at Ellora's Cave. Tess Gerrtisen. blog. intern blog. Loads of fun. UPDATE: Intern no longer updates regularly, but check the archives. writers blog. intern blog. Good info.!, Backspace's blog. Are No Rules -Our very own ToddWBush -Crime writers blog. of WD's 5 best blogs for 2010. Snark no longer blogs under this name, but her archives contain pretty much All You Need To Know about querying, and plenty of snark. A must-read for the beginner, IMO. articles, blog posts, and links from some very smart AWers. Beware Blog.

    Slushpile Hell--Amusing blog where a grumpy agent shreds queries. --Agent Jennifer Laughran --Great blog for crime writers. very own Sassy3421 blogs about writing. -- Exactly what it says.
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