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Thread: FAQ about AW IRC Chat Channel (How to get there, who the operators are, Mibbit, Discord, etc.)

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    Mostly harmless SuperModerator dpaterso's Avatar
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    FYI we also have a Discord channel* in case of IRC blips.

    Clicking on this link will get you an invite to @absolutewrite,

    If you don't already have a Discord userid then you'll have to sign up, it's not too difficult.

    Or if you've already been there and want to skip the invite screen and just get back to the channel, there's a longer link that you can bookmark like I did, one click and I'm there.

    * Discord actually calls it a server, I'm just sticking with "channel" because it's familiar terminology. Sub forums within the server/channel are called channels. <dizzy>

    And also, everyone seems to know x100 more about Discord than I do.

    Last edited by dpaterso; 07-18-2019 at 05:40 PM. Reason: handy longer link added
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    AW chat - our IRC chat channel (link to FAQ)
    We also have a Discord channel, check out the FAQ
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