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Just in case Jenny happens by, here's another bit of info that gave her up. On March 29th, she writes on the blog.

Which, the Jennifer Edlund FB backs up with: "April 15th is the day!"

THEN, amazingly, BOTH Jennys have 'problems' with their books and they're pushed back.

Lady, look. Your done. Outed. Grand Central Publishing would NOT have problems as you describe ONE MONTH before release. Not that it couldn't happen, but one month until drop is the time when the publisher is gathering releases and PRINTING BOOKS. The time for mistakes is long past, and that book wouldn't have gone to print unless it was pretty damn near perfect.

PA on the other hand, totally can believe it.

Just fess up already, 'cuz this isn't going away. And leave Jim Hines alone - he might write you into his next book.

When my first visit to the Rejection Queen blog set my lie-dar pinging, I kept my mouth shut.

When I happened to check back at RQ around the time she posted her email address and subsequently Googled my way to that phony book cover, I kept my mouth shut.

Now that she's gone and blown the whole thing up on her own, I'm gonna go ahead and point this out:

Jennifer Edlund's Helium.com About Me page tells us she has no articles posted on Helium.

But Archive.org's Wayback Machine says she used to have a bunch of articles on Helium. (Page formatting screwed up due to it being an archive, but the text is still readable.)

Hmm... and what were those articles?

Snappy little numbers like "Relationships: Advice on letting go," "Great ways to annoy a guy," and "Advice for new writers."

Somehow I can't help but be reminded of RQ's suggestions for letting go, annoying guys , and new writers. And, hey-- RQ specifically says she first posted the "letting go" article on Helium.

So is this split-personality self-plagiarism? A massive Jennifers-only identity theft operation that requires time travel?

I'll leave that for you to decide. I'm still working on figuring out the ethics of what one's supposed to do when one sees ridiculous lies on the internet. Also whether "Como magazine" was a typo for Cosmo or she really meant they were printing that article in the mag about "shaping and efficiently interconnecting the diverse transportation systems for the long term with our integrated mobility solutions."