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Thread: Is Absolutewrite Out to Destroy Itself?

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    Unhappy Is Absolutewrite Out to Destroy Itself?

    I logged into Forum this evening to find that it has been hijacked by aliens from outer space who have substituted a serious meeting place for writers with extraterrestrial spam-cum-malware. I now find categories labeled "Clown Lotto Fiction," "Prostituting Your Art," "The Rumpy-Dumpy Room," "Signs You're Becoming a Serial Killer," among many other silly headings irrelevant to the art of writing.

    I somehow missed the announcement from the aliens' mother ship informing all of us serious writers that we were to be rounded up and sent to a penal colony on Planet-X so that the Absolutewrite Forum could be taken over by a horde of gremlins, trolls, ogres and nincompoops who would so trivialize and cheapen the once respectable domain of AW Forum as to drive away any remaining striving and established authors to make place for a five ring circus on acid. Too bad. Amazing it is how bad management can utterly destroy that which required no fixing. Farewell Earth. Farewell AW!

    BTW, April Fool's!
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