A review of Harlan Coben's new book, as well as Linwood Barclay's.

This para in particular caught my eye:

Mr. Coben has the edge when it comes to popcorn pacing. His once-enveloping stories now move at a breakneck clip not unlike James Patterson’s, though at least Mr. Coben still writes chapters longer than three pages. Since anything and everything can happen in the berserk world of “Caught,” none of the suspense carries much weight, and no character has time to become particularly sympathetic.
The reviewer talks about the kitchen-sinky aspect of Coben's writing. I quite like Coben, but one thing that holds me back from liking any book (in the MTS genre in particular) is too many POVs. I'm just connecting with one when I'm yanked off to another, and they're not always as immediately likable as they could be.

I prefer to write for one (two at most) POVs so that I can really get to know the character(s) and make the reader feel the tension that's happening to that character.

Questions for you: do you enjoy multiple POVs, reading or writing? If you've read Coben's newest (Caught) do you agree with the above assessment? (Hide spoilers please, I haven't read it yet! Thanks!)