I'll be honest--this isn't completely about writing.

Yes, my MC drives an old, as of yet undefined pickup, and I've been trying to determine what make/model would work best in the story...but I'm also looking to buy a pickup truck, and have seen one that I like that the seller calls a 1999 F150, Sport edition, supercab, with two-wheel drive. If possible, I want to have the same truck as my MC--that way I can include little details and quirks without being off-base, even though I'm absolutely not mechanically inclined.

Through internet research, I found all kinds of info about 1999 F150's, and stuff about "sport" trucks...but for the life of me I can't manage to find a 1999 F150 that calls itself a "sport" truck, has an extended cab, AND is two-wheel drive.

I'm looking for anything, opinions, info, experience, google help (this may just be a big Google FAIL on my part). But specifically, I need to know:

*Can this truck haul a round bale?
*Can it haul a horse trailer?
*How loud is it, compared to other trucks?
*Can my MC take it off-road?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.