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Does anyone know much about the event, what's going on, who's attending etc.?

Is anyone there now or know someone who's there? Going by twitter, quite a few agents/YA authors are there now
*slips in the room* Here's some data in it--

It's the biggie for international sales in "kidlit" (incl YA), whereas Frankfurt & London have a wider scope.

Some deals happen, of course, but a lot of the deals are afterwards or right before to "get a jump on" the fair. My agent & my US publisher & most of my overseas publishers are there. My US subrights team (bc my WL books were sold to Harper as World Rights, so they handle internat'l deals) will meet w representatives of many of my overseas houses. They do this for their catalogue, but they also make deals & reach out when theu are here at home.

Like BEA, a few books have giant posters in the booth. Harper, iirc, has 6 or 8 of them. AFAIK, my books don't have one this year, but they have in the past. These are sorta like movie posters--lures to make folks stop.

My agent & the foreign rights folks at my agency are there too. Most of the big agencies go, & some of the boutiques go. Aside from selling, there are business things they will tend for me while there (in part bc Writers House handles rights to my adult books).

Yes, film agents are there too. Mine actually found me bc of Bologna last year. There was some buzz, & she returned stateside & inquired. . . which worked out pretty well bc a few months later I needed an agent bc Universal came calling.

So, in part it's like BEA--lots of houses showcasing their wares. Some author panels, signings, & chances to meet your overseas team. To contextualize: BEA showcases them for booksellers; ALA does it for librarians; and the European bookfairs (London, Frankfurt, & Bologna) do it for international sales. Bologna is primarily kidlit.

I am not there, but I'm sorta giddy that my agent, my film agent, my foreign rts folks are all there. PLUS, my editor is out this week . . . I'm loving their absences (& subsequent lack of email) more than I would love being there

Hope the data part helps.