So, I am finishing up writing and polishing a YA novel that I thought was UF. But now I'm starting to think it's not. By strict definition, it is. The MC and fairies having adventures around London. But as a marketing category, it seems like UF might not really work.

There's no physical or magical combat. There's no magical war brewing. Magic or magical thingies don't threaten to destroy the city. The MC isn't magical, or secretly magical, he's just a big dumb guy. He doesn't fall madly in love with anyone magical, or secretly magical. His brother is seduced by a fairy (mainly offscreen) and has to be rescued. I considered writing it without the magic, because the plot arc is more similar to a contemporary fiction plot, but the whole thing falls apart without the magic, so that's no good. (It's occurred to me that it might suck because it lacks all these things, but I'm reasonably sure that it doesn't )

Anyway, it's definitely fantasy, but is it UF, for the purpose of querying agents? Like I said, technically I believe it is, but due to its lack of magical fighting/magical MC/magical nookie, I'm thinking I shouldn't try to pitch it as UF. Thoughts?