I'm asking this question in the Pagan forum as well, to get opinions from the different perspectives.

I've been thinking for a while now about putting together an occult book on transformation. I have two possible approaches.

1) I could write in great depth and specifics on certain metaphysical practices, exercises, and rituals toward the end of gender transformation, largely based on my experiments and researches. Things like visualiztion, mantra yoga, astra transformation, etc. This could be valuable to geniune students of the occult, and seekers of the Great Work, as a way to balance their being, but would also be of interest to those desparate to find a way to assauge their gender dysphoria. More about that in a few.

2) I could write in a dash less depth, but more broadly on transformation, i.e. animal, gender, plant, spiritual.

I have addition moral dilemnas with option 1) due to the fact that some could look at it as though I were taking advantage of their obessession that I at one time shared. For me, the things I did, eventually assured me that GRS was the right option and frankly helped me tremendously in my transition.

Either case, I talking about POD and digital release through my nascent publishing house.

Option 1) I could include a lot more personal material, and my magickal diary when I worked in depth on this stuff would probably make a great appendix.

In either case, I have some very old material that has not been published in hundreds of years that is applicable.


I appreciate your input. Please, I'd love to hear your thoughts even if you have no concept of occult subjects.