Yay! I get to start the thread today. Well, my February found me with 12 posts at The Freshman Writer and two at my portfolio. My parenting site saw no action as I focused on my first ever submission to a Chicken Soup book. That went out last Saturday. I'm hoping that it gets published because I think it's a good fit. I'm already imagining getting the paycheck and ten book copies (which I will sign and mail to my friends & family as well as save few copies to raffle off on The Freshman Writer! lol) Love to daydream. This month I'm focusing on a query letter for a regional parenting mag and I already have a salable idea. I drafted out notes on it as well as an idea for a sidebar. Gotta get cracking on that. I also just completed an editorial calendar for Momslikeme since I write so much over there. Other than that, no goals just accomplishments. Happy March pals!