I've checked the forums for these guys, as well as searched the posts. I couldn't find them, so I thought I'd query about the company. There is a fairly bold claim here, listed in the second paragraph (exclusive partnerships with leading publishing houses?). I'm wondering if anyone's had anything to do with them. Other than this newest of claims, they seem like just another self-publishing company.

Here's the blurb of interest:

"A Breakthrough in Self-Publishing

At FriesenPress, we can help you bridge both worlds: if you choose to self-publish, we値l groom your manuscript into a professionally formatted book that will stand up to the quality of traditionally-published titles. Then, we値l make your title available for ordering at over 25,000 booksellers worldwide.

If your dream is to write to be picked up by a publisher, we offer you the unique opportunity to share the success of your self-published book with traditional publishers. In an industry first, we have entered into exclusive partnerships with leading publishing houses to act as their dedicated talent scout for self-published authors. That means we can dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed!"

By the way, you must purchase a publishing contract with them to obtain this service; it's not a stand-alone offering. It's referred to as 'monitoring of sales'
and the claim is that, if you meet some pre-established criteria they and the publishers have agreed on, they'll forward your book for consideration. Hmmm. What are the criteria, 5,000 copies sold, or some equally absurd number?

Anyway, I was hoping to see if others had seen or had dealings with them.