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Thread: March 2010 Blog "Chain"

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    March 2010 Blog "Chain"

    I haven't seen anyone post to start a "chain" for March and since it's my birthday month (and yes, I take the entire month to celebrate getting old) I figure, I could try my hand at organizing it.

    So ... using what we've learned and tweaking a bit ...

    Start date: March 5 (plenty of time to join in the fun!)
    End date : March 31

    Topic: Growing Up
    (Ok, if you hate that topic, just tell me and we'll figure out a new one ... but since we ALL grow old, but not all of us grow up, why don't we talk about it? I think some of us grow old/up better than others, right? )

    You have 2 days to do your post. Feel free to pre-write yours and post it when it's your turn -- but do hold it for your turn so those reading can go one by one. Please paste the direct link to your post (not your blog) in this thread when you have written it and PM the next person in line. If the person before you hasn't written their post in 2 days, then just go ahead and submit yours.

    Please include links to all the participants' blogs in your post. Please also mention and link directly to the person before you and person after you within your post in your in your post.

    Please comments on as many posts as possible. The purpose of the chain is to encourage reading one another's blog, and it's nice to know when someone has read it.

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    FreshHell -
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