It has now been thirty (30) weeks since my entry, "Death -1 Pretzels - 0," in the 2010 St. Martinís Minotaur/ Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition was received by the judges and I haven't received a rejection notice yet.

Is that good or bad? Can I read anything into that fact? I wish I knew.

The rules only relate that a response will come via the SASE (I sent two just in case of what I don't know) each entrant is required to send with their manuscript and that the winner, if any, will be contacted before the end of March, 2010.

After thirty weeks of waiting, I hope there are those that can understand my need to pop two Prevacid a day now and the bottle of Rolaids - fruit flavored - I keep by my computer.

So my question is this: Does anyone know if the rejection notices are sent out in a mass mailing, or are they sent out as each entry is eliminated?