Personally, if I could get published and make enough sales to be worthwhile, I'd be more than willing to take a hit to my wallet just to make homophobes and transphobes feel uncomfortable.

My dream is a day when homophobes and transphobes don't feel comfortable walking into bookstores because there's absolutely no way to be sure a book is LGBT-free, and most of them have LGBT characters or something else that will bother said 'phobe.

I'm equally vindictive about people who are bothered by "anime" elements in novels and loudly complain online,* so don't take me too seriously on this dream.

*My other dream is that one day, 90% of fantasy novels will have shonen anime elements, and most people will love it, and the people that bash everything I like as being "stupid anime crap" will never have anything to read. That's what they deserve for discouraging people from writing stuff that I want to read. But I don't really mean any of this; it's just venting and joking.