Not sure how to describe all this without sounding like a moron somewhere along the way, but I'll give it a shot.

In my latest series, I have two characters that are having a very hush relationship directly underneath all of their friends' noses. Now, the two parties involved have different reasons for the secrecy: Party 1 is doing so primarily for professional reasons. She actually doesn't have anything against her friends knowing about her (actually, she thinks it's funny that they haven't figured it out yet), but she's been silent about herself from everyone, including them, mostly for consistency's sake. Party 2 is unbudgingly against anyone finding out about her for a variety of reasons. She's planning to take it to her grave . . . . and, in light of recent events, that's probably going to be quite a while.

So, anyway, Party 1 is about to encounter a situation where she pretty much has to tell her friends (don't worry about the details; she's just in a serious, serious bind). And so, she figures she'll do just that and hope for the best. The problem is that she'd have to do so without outing Party 2 in the process, and that's the sticky part for me.

Usually, I'm pretty good at figuring out what people unlike me would do in a given situation, but this time . . . . not so much. That's why I've come to the experts for help. The questions I have are thus:

1. What would be the best and most likely way Party 1 could reveal her secret to her friends without jeopardizing Party 2?

2. How would you think Party 2 is likely to respond to Party 1's action?

3. How do you believe this would effect their relationship?

As usual and always, thanks in advance.