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Thread: A Good - "Bad" - Opening

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    A Good - "Bad" - Opening

    A couple of days ago, I did a blog post on the "don'ts" of openings. You know the "Don't: wake up, look in the mirror, start with dialogue, etc." stuff.

    There are obviously people who have done all these things and lived to tell (and sell) the tale, which means that if done the right way, people will connect to and enjoy those openings.

    So, here's the challenge: write a quick intro, using one of those verboten elements, but make it "good" or at least interesting. (Success at either is highly subjective.)

    Here's mine --
    It was death that finally woke Amy up.

    "Five more minutes," she grumbled with a kick for good measure.

    Kicking death is never a good idea.
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