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Thread: First openly-gay president on the American continent?

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    I don't know about Peru. I could see it, maybe.

    In the United States? No way we'd ever elect Jon Stewart as president unless he was in politics for quite a while. Reagan was a B-movie actor, but he also spent decades building up his political reputation and holding offices. We elect some celebrities to the Senate, but that's hugely different than the presidency. Obama didn't have a huge amount of experience, but he was a community organizer and at least went through a Senate election.

    I trust Jon Stewart more than pretty much any president we've had in the past hundred years, but I can't see him seriously running, and I definitely can't see him winning.

    (He probably could run if he spent some time getting into politics, but not directly jump to president. I just don't think he has the desire, though. But yeah, it'd be awesome if he ran for Senate, then the presidency.)
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