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Thread: 25 Types of Romantic Relationships-Which do you use/enjoy the most?

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Sweet Escape's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Oh, I like this thread! Of course anything can sound like not such a cliche if the execution is different. And there can be a combination of some things to create something more unique.

    My favourites are:
    Love/Hate & Rivals (If done well and it doesn't end up being abusive. Love/hate pairings can end up being written really badly if you are not careful. Know the differences between characters disliking each other at first for whatever reasons but grow to understand each other and what is just bullying),
    Childhood Friends,
    Best Friends/Friends First (Friends to lovers is my favourite trope, the best type of relationships come from strong friendships first in my opinion). What is also interesting is a combination of Love/Hate or Rivals and Friends First and making it Enemies To Friends To Lovers. Takes a while longer for a relationship to develop, but it could be really good. I also like Different Worlds, Second Time Around, Lovers In Denial.
    Passionate Lovers (If it's friends with benefits turning into something more, I like it).
    I like both Opposites Attract & Similarities Attract, or a combination of both. Some sort of balance between being two characters being similar yet different.
    Partners In Crime.

    My least favourite romantic tropes:
    Love At First Sight (Just, ugh. Who falls in love at first sight anyway? It's just first lust).
    Oops (Yeah, no thanks, people should not need to have to decide between career and romance when you can have both.)
    Love Triangle (Love triangles are overdone, and feel unnecessary)
    Sorry, I'm taken (Sometimes it encourages cheating, and if it makes the boyfriend or girlfriend look like they are a total bitch or asshole and the character is told "they deserve better" it gets annoying. No need to dehumanize the partner of the character if they are going to fall in love with someone else).
    Sweethearts Forever (Just why? The whole your partner keeping so many secrets from you is getting boring and it is not healthy for a relationship)
    Dangerous Drama (Usually absusive towards each othee? No thanks. Not something the media should promote).

    Nothing against Long Term Lovers, but I can get bored with established relationships in fiction. I find it more fun to read two characters falling in love and how they finally end up together.

    The other ones I feel neutral about. To Arranged Marriage I also want to add... Fake Dating? Can be fun and if they actually end up falling in love and the relationship is* not all that fake after all!

    I find this thread quite useful, makes me thing of what kind of romances I woule want to write though romance would be more of a secondary theme and not the main thing for my stories!
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